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Emotional Coaching Book and CD Rom

  • $87.00

Emotional Coaching A Practical Programme to Support Young People, 7-15 years, Book and CD-ROM

Young people's healthy emotional development is based on affirming relationships and positive experiences and for some young people the lack of these encouragements leads to personal, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. This pack provides teachers, mentors, assistants and others with all they need to support these young people through an 'emotional coaching' programme. Includes seven different workbooks and nine therapeutic board games giving young people the opportunity to practise problem solving and goal setting. Topics covered inlcude anger, anxiety, teasing, friendship, happiness and self-confidence.


Facilitator's notes and comprehensive guidance on how to deliver emotional coaching, structure and rationale are all provided, giving the adults who support these challenging young people the skills and confidence to engage them in the programme. The strategies are all designed to be brief and solution focused.

Emotional Coaching Book and CD Rom

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