Early Years Restorative Visual Script and Practice Cards


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A child’s ability to successfully engage in a restorative approach develops in line with their ability to reason. ‘The
Visual Script’ has been developed as a modified version of the original Restorative Practice Conference Script.

It has been designed to support the following groups:

  • Children in the Early Years (K – 2)
  • Children with Special Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language Disorders)
  • Children who have experienced trauma
  • Children from Generational Poverty
  • Some boys

The Visual Script aims to support these groups by:

  • Helping them to identify and express their feelings and thoughts,
    and understand those expressed by others. (expressive and
    receptive language)
  • Providing them a concrete aid to help them follow what may be
    an abstract process.
  • Providing the facilitator with language that is brief, clear and concise.