Making Thinking Visual (Full Kit)


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Understanding Graphic Organisers – Full Kit

Making Thinking Visual Understanding Graphic Organisers (30 pp book, 18 cards, CD ROM)

The concise book explains the different uses for the visual tools represented, including which ones help you to relate, compare, sequence, identify common attributes, causal relationships, decision make, problem solve and more.

Thinking is a messy business. Representing thoughts using a graphic organiser is a concrete way of developing the thinking skills of focus, organisation and analysis.

A set of 18 cards helps facilitate discussions with students about which visual tool might be most appropriate to help represent or analyse an idea. Students may discuss the pros and cons of each card, before deciding how they wish to organise or analyse information. The cards may also be used a a reflection tool when discussing the thinking strategies employed by students.

The CD ROM allows students to print off visual tools to assist with the design of their own organisers. An interactive format is also provided for students to customise their own graphic organisers.