Circle Time Games and Activities Book and Cards


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Circle Time Games and Activities Book and 3 sets of Cards.

The Circle Time Book of Games and Activities gives an insight into why Circle Time is such a popular and effective approach for developing social and emotional knowledge and skills.  The book provides:

  • A discussion of the defining characteristics of Circle Time
  • An explanation of typical Circle Time activities
  • An identification of the key factors for effective social and emotional programs
  • 109 Circle Time games and activities for primary and secondary
  • 36 activities for using image, feelings and character cards
  • Sentence completions, silent statements, suggested games and activities for specific social land emotional skills
  • Emotional knowledge and awareness
  • Managing emotions
  • Empathy
  • Handling relationships
  • Social knowledge and memory
  • Personal values and insights
  • Reflection sheets
  • Behaviour evaluation sheets

This is a valuable book for Circle Time practitioners whether they are just beginning or are experienced.