Circle Time Games and Activities – Full Kit


Circle Time Games and Activities Book, 3 sets of Cards and CD ROM

The Circle Time Book of Games and Activities gives an insight into why Circle Time is such a popular and effective approach for developing social and emotional knowledge and skills.  The book provides:

  • A discussion of the defining characteristics of Circle Time
  • An explanation of typical Circle Time activities
  • An identification of the key factors for effective social and emotional programs
  • 109 Circle Time games and activities for primary and secondary
  • 36 activities for using image, feelings and character cards
  • Sentence completions, silent statements, suggested games and activities for specific social land emotional skills
  • Emotional knowledge and awareness
  • Managing emotions
  • Empathy
  • Handling relationships
  • Social knowledge and memory
  • Personal values and insights
  • Reflection sheets
  • Behaviour evaluation sheets

This is a valuable book for Circle Time practitioners whether they are just beginning or are experienced.

Circle Time Resources Toolkit is a CD ROM which may be readily printed to create multiple copies. The toolkit contains a range of card sets; numbers 1–100, alphabet, colour, maths symbols, measuring, story-telling, feelings, animal, shapes and behaviour. As well as the cards, it also contains Animal Masks with feeling expressions for children to cut out and decorate, or to use in games and role plays, reflection sheets for student journals, lesson planners and more.