Walking in Other Shoes – Empathy and Deep Understanding for Middle to Senior Primary Students


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(Teachers, yrs 5 – 7, 180pp)

Has an emphasis on building emotional awareness, as well as social confidence and competence. Contains 20 sessions that can be adapted to suit the approaches of schools.

; Bunji Jumping Through Life; The Game Search; The Great Spaghetti Bowl of Connections; In Search of the Heart; The Feelings Barometer; From Yuk to Yum; Masters of the Heart; The Party Club; Life Bandits; Prickly Problems; Dolphin Power; The Maze; Cool Compliments; The Peace Makers; Keeping Cool and The Future Makers.

Each session is designed to introduce a critical skill. Session notes and experiential activities accompany blackline master worksheets. Habit building activities are designed to enhance skills beyond the classroom.